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Welcome to the  ”Global Buyers Directory”
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The “GLOBAL BUYERS DIRECTORY”: is a multi-product, bi-lingual (English & Spanish) executive pocket-size directory for international and national business people and travelers, containing advertisers from the USA, CHINA, EUROPE, ASIA, AND THE AMERICAS. Distributed to hundreds of hotels, foreign consulates, international trade offices, US commercial offices abroad, international chambers of commerce, bi-national chambers of commerce and reaching thousands of potential buyers worldwide online. With its home base in Miami Florida USA; which is the Hub of the Americas and the center of trade for the United States all 42 countries from South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.
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The Global Business Directory, reserves the right to select our advertisers. No pornographic or indecent material will be accepted. All monthly payments must be received prior to publishing the next edition or will be subject to cancellation. I understand that by submitting this form; that there is a No Refund Policy and No Charge back policy under any circumstance. All Ad placements will be determined by the publisher.

The Global Buyers Directory is published by the Asia America Trade Show, 3438 SW 24 Terrace, Miami Florida 33145  Tel: 305-262-3200 

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1/8 Page  3/4 inch high X 4” inches wide         
1/4 Page  1”-1/2 ” High X 3-3/4” wide
1/2 Page  3-1/4” High X 3-3/4” wide                  
Full Page  7” high X 4” wide
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Back Cover  7-1/4” X 4” (if available)
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